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Importance of branding

What is branding? 

A brand is a unique name, symbol, or feature that identifies your goods or services. Your brand makes you distinct from other sellers in your marketplace. For example, the biggest brand in the world is Apple. Their company’s value is $241 billion. Apple’s identity is so well known that people expect certain features from Apple products.

Why is branding important?

This sophisticated art and science shape your identity to customers. As you develop trust and reliability with your clientele, your name helps separate you from competitors. It helps create a connection with your target audience.Effective branding creates positivity about your business, products, and/or services. As a local company that provides branding in Nova Scotia we help you develop a strategic combination of unique logo, designs to facilitate your business’ growth.Your brand gives you a competitive advantage. It builds relationships with customers and helps to retain them. As competitors emerge online, an established trademark helps bring customers and generate profit.


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What can Samson Digital do for my business’ brand?

We help you choose vivid colors and memorable graphics. Also, our local Nova Scotia team of local branding experts will  assists you with logo design, taglines, business cards, and website creationWe will help your local small business with your label by chatting with you and developing a strategy to define how you want your business to be viewed by your customers.


Determine your value

We spend time with you strategizing about what makes you unique amongst your peers. What makes your business strong; what are you passionate about? Our team makes sure that you carve out a unique identity.

Determine goals

 We plan with you and develop an organizational strategy that highlights your near, mid, and long term goals. Our team determines goals to help craft helpful and relevant messaging for you.


Investigate how others view your company

 As local Nova Scotia branding company we research to see how people view your company (or if they have an opinion at all). Then, our team identifies what you do well and potential areas of improvement. Finally, our experts conduct thorough research on your competitors to see what works for them and how to apply that to your strategy.


Find your audience

Apple knows that their customers want sleek, polished devices. They develop their brand to meet those expectations. Likewise, your customers have expectations of your company that you need to meet. Branding helps!


Get in contact with local Cape Breton branding company for your reliable online marketing strategy needs!

Our process

The Exploration

Our local branding experts in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia would cut through all of the layers and distractions and get the core of your needs. We do this by chatting with you about our vision. Our comprehensive interview and questions gather the data and information we need to create a custom strategy for you. The answers to our questions informs our understanding of your audience, projects, and expected results.

The Revelation

After we have all the data and information analyzed, our experts develop practical and proven solutions for your business. Samson Digital – branding company from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia prides itself on the creative process and meaningful collaboration in evolving our original ideas into something that highlights your vision.  Samson Digital  constantly grows and expands our concepts to meet your needs. Some ideas work, some don’t, but we continue working for you until we create a desirable campaign.

The Artistry

With our campaign decisions made, we forge ahead with the project. Our team revises and tweaks the top ideas. We collaborate. Then, our experts create your strategy paying attention to the finest details to ensure that every aspect of our project oozes your message. Should you require more products, marketing materials, and project advice, Samson’s support is just a phone call away. We are located in Cape Breton, close to home, and ready to help out!

The Reveal

It’s time to reveal your brand to the world!This is not the end of our partnership. You can rely on us to thoroughly check to make sure your launch is smooth. Then we launch. As you carve out a space online, we rely on customer feedback and visitor data to inform further evolution of your plan. Contact us today and learn additional information about how we can work together to build a brand that highlights your business.

How do we make branding work for your business?

Company website

 Let us assist you and extend your brand with an elegant website that incorporates your company’s vision.

Advertising and social media presence

Always stay on message, in tone and content. This helps your business take full advantage of advertising and social media campaigns.


Support your community and build goodwill with your clients. First, you become a visible partner in the community. Second, customers will positively associate good works with your business.

Let us help you spread the good word on your website and social media.

How we help on location.


All details down to your phone messaging must reflect the tone of your company’s branding strategy


We help train your staff with guidelines about the purpose and goals of your brand.


The colors and typography of your signage needs to be consistent with your campaign’s vision.


Your color scheme needs to attract your target audience. This is important when remodeling

Checklist for branding fundamentals

Engaging your customer’s thinking and enthusiasm drives our process. Our local branding experts in Nova Scotia help develop new customer awareness of your business. Then, our Cape Breton branding team works with your business to promote your company with elegant concepts to meet your desired goals.Our local company makes your marketing budget effective with a commitment to customization. Samson’s squad makes sure that the ideas developed accurately represent your products and services. This work helps your business achieve its goals.


Check out if you are on the right track

Brand Name

Establish your company or brand name. Don’t forget to register your business name (our side can help with your domain name). When a recognizable trademark becomes synonymous with your high quality products and services, you build trust and value in the marketplace.


Your logo is a living embodiment of your company. As such, logos should be simple and memorable: think Coca-Cola, Apple, and Nike. Those businesses developed logos that are highly visible and define the label’s promise to clients.


The best brands have thematic taglines. We will help you create a tag and theme that quickly summarizes the depth and breadth of your company’s vision and mission. This makes you memorable to your customers.


Graphics are worth a million words. Sleek graphic design brings brand recognition in nanoseconds. Imagine Coca-Cola’s red ribbon, Apple’s monochromatic white apple, and Nike’s iconic swoosh. Those visuals immediately and wordlessly conjure up the associated products.


Colour speaks to your customer’s soul in a thousand different ways. For instance, Coca-Cola’s vibrant red and Apple’s signature white work to create an immediate connection between products and customers. 

Contact us so our team can help your business develop a rich colour scheme and apply it consistently on your website, business card, and product packaging. Let us help you unify your colour palette for immediate recognition by your customers.


Know your worth! The amount you charge for your products and services speaks volumes about your products and services.

Contact local Cape Breton branding experts, so we can help expand your business!

Frequently asked questions

I have customers, why do I need branding?

A strong brand establishes and embodies your message and benefits your business. It acts as an ambassador to all your customers, current and future. A successful trademark appeals to and reassures your current customers while enticing potential new customers.

What should a brand do for my business?

Clear identification: We create your company logo and other identifying material to provide information about your products and/or services. Your brand becomes the first conversation with customers. With an effective marketing process, you start developing relationships with your clients. 

Define what you do: We create effective branding that lets people know what you do. It also tells people how you can solve their problem. 

Tell a story: We help you tell a story. Your business needs a clear message that shows the customer your company’s values and mission.

Consider the customer: We make sure that you attract your target customer. We help you define your target customer and create an attractive brand. 

Does a successful brand make money?

Yes. A great brand results in high marketing performance and increased profitability.

I have customers, why do I need branding?

A strong brand establishes and embodies your message and benefits your business. It acts as an ambassador to all your customers, current and future. A successful trademark appeals to and reassures your current customers while enticing potential new customers.

Should I register my brand name as a trademark?

Yes. Register your business name and avoid legal snafus

Our strategic moves
  • Our branding experts from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia start by initiating your objective, goals, and vision in your campaign.
  • Next we appraise your current situation by discovering: What makes your business unique?  What problem do you solve? Where do you fit in?
  • Part of our process is helping clients recognize your brand by highlighting your ability to solve their unique problem.
  • Narrowing down your target audience, and finding your people is goal number one.
  • Our top priority is helping you pull ahead from the pack and making your brand sing in a world of talkers.
  • We are consistent with crafting messages and expressions that represent your business.
  • Auditing–we don’t know what we don’t know–so our in-house experts conduct a comprehensive analysis to evaluate strengths and weaknesses.

Identity for your business:

  • We work on developing a logo that is creative, enduring, and notable.
  • As partners, we help your customers know you are you with an elegantly crafted business identity.
  • Words have meaning, but your business name has power.
  • On target messaging and taglines build your business’ presence.

Graphic design:

  • Beautiful designs lead to superior results.
  • Control of your brand is in your hands, we’re your partners through all stages of the design and launch process.
  • If pictures are worth a thousand words, what is the worth of the multimedia solutions we provide for you? They have to be worth a least a gaggle of words, right?

Samson Digital is located on Isle Madame, Cape Breton. And we help to brand local businesses in Sydney, Port Hawkesbury, Baddeck and surrounding areas.

Also we help  Nova Scotia Businesses in Halifax, LunenburgYarmouth, Truro and surrounding areas to develop their unique brand. Contact us if you need to to create you brand or rebrand you current one.


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