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It’s Simple, Your Brand + Client = $uccess

by Dec 28, 2020Samson.Digital marketing strategies0 comments

Your brand

has many facets but all revolves around your clients. It defines how you want to be perceived and by extension how your clients are perceived.  

Your brand communicates your promise to your present and potential clients in a crowded marketplace. Ultimately, your brand represents a commitment to consistency that your clients will come to expect.

The critical question then is, “how does branding impact client behavior?” Continue reading to discover five industry secrets about the impact of branding on your clients!

1.Effective Branding Creates Desire

Clients are human. And it is human nature to want the shiniest, brightest, coolest new thing. This is why branding tends to mythologize customers, causing them to feel like they are the shiniest, brightest, coolest new thing. The journey of desire and the storytelling of a brand therefore is an attempt to enhance the client’s perceptions of themselves when they use a product. An example of this is the luxury car line Mercedes-Benz. When people think of Mercedes-Benz, they dream about caviar and wealthy social circles. Thus, people desire a Mercedes-Benz because they desire the lifestyle that the luxury car represents. 

2.Effective Branding Validates

Your client wants to feel good about themselves when buying your product. When your brand is effective, your client feels as if they have made a good choice–and even more importantly–the right choice. As a result, your brand becomes a representation of your client’s identity, and, if done effectively, your brand creates a loyal client who advertises and amplifies your business. 

3.Effective Branding Creates Community

Universally, humans feel the need to belong to a community. Shrewd marketing agencies know this universal human condition and create ads that convince people that buying a certain product makes them part of a tribe. Apple knows this and their marketing arm does an incredible job of creating their tribe, or community. One only has to look at the long, winding lines outside of Apple stores when the newest iPhone comes out to see the effect of their marketing. 

Do their consumers need the newest generation phone? Probably not, but the ritual of waiting in line and buying the newest iPhone creates a sense of community unique to their brand. Apple’s success in creating a strong, dedicated community that feels a sense of belonging contributes to their incredible success in a crowded tech marketplace.

4.Effective Branding Creates Loyalty

Part of keeping your clients with you is building their loyalty. Consider Amazon’s ability to build itself into a juggernaut in the online retail world. Through exceptional customer services and a willingness to meet and often exceed their client’s expectations, Amazon crushes competitors by capitalizing on customer loyalty. When people shop online, the preferred destination is almost always Amazon. While Amazon may be an extreme outlier with their success, you can implement the primary strategy of building loyal customers through exceptional service and a superior product, a product which your brand symbolizes. 

5.Effective Branding Symbolizes Status and Prestige

Your brand and logo represent a truth about you and your client. Think back to Mercedes which represents a luxurious lifestyle, or Apple which represents the hippest and most elite tech in the market. Likewise, your brand confers a certain amount of status and prestige to your clients. 

In closing, your brand represents the promise that you make to your client. Proper branding builds a relationship between your client, your product, and the open market. As a result, an effective branding strategy is critical to achieving success.

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