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Here are what you will learn in this guide:


Content marketing strategies to attract a
bigger audience to your blog or social profiles.


Benefits of posting valuable content on your website
and social media.


How to write SEO content that generates organic search
traffic and boosts your ranking.


How to grow your social media exponentially with minimal effort?


Understand the principles that can be applied to any site and any business.

Tips on SEO, paid advertising, social media, and branding for building an online presence


What our clients say

Geogre Soumi

Founder of Venti Industrial

Very recommended. Do not waste your time and money elsewhere. Call Samson Digital! During our first call, they focused on understanding my business and they went above and beyond to give me the result I’m looking for. Very fair pricing.
Intelligent people! Thank you Rene and Lilia

Holger Verlage

Owner of Richmond Marine services

Samson Digital designed a webpage for my marine business on Cape Breton Island and provided me with excellent service. Rene and Lilia proved themselves as competent and efficient service providers who added creative thoughts to the design process. I highly recommend their services.

Stepan Vus

Owner of Molodets.Shop

Online store Molodets.Shop would like to thank Samson.Digital for their quality service in the creation of a WooCommerce website . Samson Digital’s web designers created a great website, easy to navigate and responsive. The web design task was completed promptly and professionally. Thank you for your services. 

About us

Who we are

My name is Rene, and together with my wife Lilia, we are on a mission to help people work more efficiently.

Results are the name of the game. I love being innovative and getting people results that they can count on. Helping people has always brought me joy. I am a Christian, and I show how Christ works in my life by doing gospel and humanitarian work.

My desire to serve God called me to Ukraine, where I visited orphanages, schools, and universities where I have met my wife. This work gave me challenges and plenty of opportunities to serve.

My lovely wife had an idea: instead of us working separately, why not join forces? Two, as they always say, is better than one!

What a great idea!

Our Dream, in Living Color

Digital marketing is challenging. Google throws out new recommendations all the time. There are security updates, new programs, new practices…it’s a lot of moving pieces. Why try to tackle it all on your own? I always loved solving problems and providing real value to the community, especially for true entrepreneurs.
Is that you? Do you have a burning passion for doing more than scrolling down yet another social media platform or watch a video? Do you want to tap into the sheer power of the digital marketing industry?

We can help, and we’ll have a great time while taking care of your marketing needs.


Have a dream to expand your business, but don’t know how to get more clients?

We can provide consultation on how to make your business more credible and visible online.

We LOVE what we do

Here’s what gets us excited about digital marketing:


It’s the #1 way to attract the best people, all the time


We can hear fresh ideas on an ongoing basis and give real-time feedback


We lift away the struggle and help entrepreneurs transition towards the victories they deserve


We aren’t afraid to work hard to solve problems


We believe in expansion, and digital marketing is the most efficient way to achieve this goal


We get to use digital marketing to improve people’s lives every single day — your smile is part of the reward! ?

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We want our family business to spark real change for today’s busy entrepreneurs dreaming big, ready to serve, and knowing in their hearts that there’s more out there.
There truly is more out there than your wildest imagination.
Give us a chance to show you by partnering with our passionate, high-energy, and driven family business.

While working on projects, our main objective is to see other entrepreneurs reaching their goals and becoming successful in what they are passionate about.

Eventually our plan is to travel again to Ukraine and to give a chance to young Ukrainian folk to have a good job from home or even an opportunity to open their own business.

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