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If you don’t know who your ideal client is, you may face:

  • Difficulty with your marketing and sales efforts
  • Lack of interest in your product or service
  • Low sales and revenue
  • Difficulty tailoring your product or service to meet the specific needs of your clients
  • Lack of client satisfaction
  • High rate of customer churn
  • Hindrances to the growth and success of your business

When you identify your ideal client, it:

💥 eliminates stress
💥 saves time
💥 avoids bad experiences
💥 gives you a voice and a message
💥 creates your brand
💥 helps you to attract people you love to serve, instead of chasing sales.

My advice to you is:

➡️ get more and more specific on who you want to serve
➡️ analyze every experience, and every conversation, and make sure the people with whom you are going on sales calls, are the ones you are specifically targeting

In doing so,
🎯 You will position yourself as an expert for your ideal target group 

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