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We are one Moncton’s Trusted Web Hosting Providers

It’s easy to get your website online with us! Our expertise and dedication means that we provide the reliable web hosting services in Cape Breton. Trust us to take care of your web hosting needs; we provide the smoothest process at the fairest price.

We are here locally, in Nova Scotia. When you contact support you can be sure that you are talking to a live person who can help you immediately. We care because we are part of your community!

Samson Digital’s team is based in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, home of Canada’s nicest and friendliest people. We apply those Maritime values to our client’s web hosting experience, and you will always be happy with our service.

Our sleek hosting infrastructures allow you to instantly access your account and begin uploading files immediately. Should you need assistance, one of our web hosting experts is only a phone call away. The expert will help you through the ordering process.

Samson Digital is passionate about providing web hosting services. We are focused on providing the easiest and most cost effective solutions in the Maritimes. Our expertise, dedication, and passion make us a great choice for web hosting!

Benefits of hosting your website with us


Excellent support services

All our packages have excellent support services. If an issue pops up, we are working on it, most likely. Feel free to still contact us and we will work tirelessly to get you back online again.


Clear pricing

Cheap web hosting services have low servicing charges because of the obscene fees they assess per click. Before you know it, the “cheap” web host has gobbled up your revenue. With us, the pricing is clear with no hidden gimmicks nor surprise fees.


Easy plan upgrade

As your business grows with us, you may need more storage on your plan. You can easily upgrade your plan with us immediately. No service disruption, just smooth operation.


Value added service

Our team is staffed with professional and knowledgeable IT pros. They will aid you in your time of need. No barrier, nor any tech mishap is too small or too large for us to handle and get you going with the daily operations of your business. IT professionals are a luxury to have when a rare hiccup occurs, and we are there, on-call, when you need us.


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Beautiful, custom-built websites using only the most recent technology

State-of-the-art search engine optimization that will attract potential clients to your website on the daily Makeovers
State-of-the-art search engine optimization that will attract potential clients to your website on the daily Makeovers
Friendly, local service is always a text/call away

We believe in developing long-lasting business relationships founded upon honesty.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an SSL Security Certificate?

An SSL certificate protects connections between servers to browsers. It is used to secure financial transactions, data, social media, and login information.

Do I need an SSL Security Certificate?

All our web hosting services include free SSL security certification, and the short answer is yes. The long answer is also yes because the certificate encrypts data, increases your Google rank, and leads to higher conversion:

  • The data between your website and your client is inviolable, and it must be protected at all costs.
  • An SSL certificate makes your website more attractive to Google which will bring in more visitors.
  • More visitors means more chances to convert into paying clients.
Can you do website migration?

Yes. Maybe you are unhappy with your current service, they gashed you with hidden fees, or they suffered a security breach. Or maybe you feel like changing web hosts is cost prohibitive, and we understand that you don’t want to struggle with starting your online presence all over. Samson Digital is here to save the day; we offer free migration for websites and dedicated emails. The package you choose determines the number of dedicated emails we are able to migrate. 

What is a domain?

The domain name is the name of your website; every website on the Internet has a domain name. You purchase a domain name through a domain registrar. Each individual domain cost anywhere from a couple of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. The price is determined by the popularity of the domain and the contract that you signed. You may have heard of and IP or Internet Protocol address. The IP address is a 10 digit number that represents your website’s address. Domains replace the 10 digit IP address with something personalized for easier recall and navigation. 

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain branches off the main domain and is used for blogs and virtual stores that are attached to the main site.

How do I buy a domain?

You have several options for buying a domain name: GoDaddy, Google, and NameCheap. We recommend trying Name Cheap, as we have had excellent experiences with them. They have a wide variety of benefits and services available. We are available to provide advice and facilitate the purchase of your domain name for you to make for a smooth and integrated process. Contact us for a free consultation about which domain is right for you!

Do I need a .com domain?

Buying a “.com” domain name is not required (ours is .digital). For SEO purposes, we highly recommend purchasing a domain name that ends with “.ca” (Canada). If you are in Canada and your domain name is not available in .ca, we can help your business check for  a “.com” domain name.

Do I have to pay for a whole year of hosting at a time?

Unlike other web hosting services, we charge monthly. Our monthly billing offers you the most flexibility in choosing exactly the package that is appropriate for the amount of traffic that your business generates.

What about extra fees?

We believe in integrity and providing all our pricing up front. Be wary of “free” web hosting services, as they charge sneaky fees at every opportunity they get while providing fewer services and less security.

How much does web hosting cost?


Depending on your individual needs, the price of web hosting varies. Contact Samson Digital, so we can discuss your ideal service package. We will work with you to decide on the most useful package available for your web site.

What does pointing mean?

Pointing a domain means that you are connecting an extra domain to our web host server (where all your files are located). You have to make sure that your site is connected to your domain, so that your customers can see your website when visiting your domain. We accomplish this by pointing your additional domain name (and traffic) to your website.

I want a dedicated email. How do I get one?

Dedicated email addresses come with our hosting accounts ( Each package offers a certain number of dedicated email accounts as determined by your package. We offer full support and will set your emails up on Microsoft Outlook, or via web mail. In addition, we will help you set up your dedicated emails on your mobile device, so you never miss a sale!

What is disk space and bandwidth/data transfer?

Disk space: Your website takes up disk space, or the amount of storage required to host your site. Each individual letter, and every pixel of content has to be stored somewhere on your web host’s server. One letter=one byte of data, and a megabyte=1 million bytes. Data storage is no big deal if all your pages are HTML text, but who wants all text all the time? The most visually appealing content: images, databases, and scripts (all improve UX) take up large chunks of disk space.

Bandwidth transfer: Bandwidth transfer how much data the server allows your site to transfer per month. Transfer is measured in gigabytes (a gigabyte is roughly a billion bytes). If your business happens to go over your monthly limit, we will contact you to discuss upgrading your plan. That’s good news, more data transfer means more visitors which means more revenue!

Can I have additional domain names pointed at my account?

Yes. All our plans come with an unlimited number of pointing domains.

Why choose a local web host?

Samson Digital offers the most competitively priced web hosting plans. It’s important to host your web service with a trusted provider. For example, when you go car shopping you don’t look for the cheapest price; you look for the best value and the car that most suits your needs.

Think of your website as your most hardworking and reliable salesperson. This person provides a lot of value-added services and directly impacts your revenue and bottom line. It would make no sense for you to house your salesperson in a roach motel. That’s what cheap web hosting services are, roach motels and they do a disservice to your beautiful website. 

At Samson Digital, we know we aren’t the cheapest, but we take pride in that because we do quality work. 

The old adage, “you get what you pay for” is especially true in the context of web hosting services. Free and cheap hosts are cheap for a reason; they sneak in fees and have brutal customer service. They see you as a way to get a quick buck. If you fail, they just go on to the next victim. 

At Samson Digital, we don’t make you pay extra for SSL certificates, or hide fees, nor do we have spotty, unreliable service. We care about your business and want to develop a relationship with you. After all, your success is our success. 

Remember, choosing the right web host impacts your website’s performance which affects your customer’s experience. This experience shapes their impression of you and your business, so it is important to provide your customers with the fastest, smoothest encounter possible. One way to provide superior service is to use a local web host. 


Shopping locally is the best option you have. All Canadian businesses should host their website in Canada. When using a local web host, your site: 

  • loads faster for Canadian internet users
  • increases your SEO engagement numbers
  • follows Canadian privacy laws and regulations

As one of Cape Breton’s dependable web hosting providers, Samson Digital can help your business grow and achieve peace of mind.

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