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SeO in halifax and Cape breton

We are one Cape Breton’s Trusted SEO experts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves the value and volume of traffic to your website.

Organic results: Natural (organic) search results come from SEO that targets unpaid traffic. In other words, someone entered in a search query, selected a site, and naturally landed on a webpage that met their search criteria. 

Inorganic results: Inorganic results are engineered from pay per click campaigns. 

How can Samson Digital help me with SEO?

The secret of top website owners’ success is showing up on Google’s first page search results. Consider this, more than 90% of the world uses Google as their search engine. We Canadians use Google a little bit more, at 91%. Ranking high on Google means that you are meeting the customers where they go to shop. SEO optimization means more traffic and more sales. Additional sales generate more money for your business. 

Speak with local Nova Scotia SEO company from Cape Breton to rank your website!

How does SEO work?

As an online commerce method, SEO analyzes

  • the way search engines function
  • search algorithms that control search engine trends
  • common research questions by internet users
  • keyword and/or search terms
  • most used search engine (it’s Google by a wide margin)
  • target audience

Giving a webpage an SEO upgrade results in

  • more visitors
  • higher ranking on Google’s front page (almost all transactions result from the front page)
  • higher chance of conversion from visitor to customer


An SEO audit analyzes your web presence and how it performs in relation to established best practices. We conduct an audit to locate all areas of improvement. 

These areas may include: 

  • areas that negatively impact your organic search results
  • website organization and structure issues
  • on-pages SEO problems
  • off-page website concerns
  • user experience complications
  • lack of relevant and helpful content
  • competitor research 

Think of an audit like maintenance for your car. You take your car to get serviced, ensuring smooth operation. Likewise, we maintain your website to ensure smooth performance for your business

Your audit is: 

  • Comprehensive: We inspect the organization and the content that influences your online visibility. Our audit produces a clear and full analysis of how your website performs.
  •  Simple: We help you identify trends and relationships between potential SEO issues and your strategic plan. All our suggestions and advice follows vision and goals.
  • Practical:  We provide you a clear roadmap to success. Our suggestions include a path forward and the anticipated outcome. Each action has a defined result. 
  • Personalized: We focus on your specific website and generate a thorough analysis of your SEO areas of improvement. 

Our attention to detail saves time in the long run. Things that affect the audit timeline: 

  • size of your website
  • the amount and kind of content on your websites

What’s next after the SEO Audit?

Samson Digital’s comprehensive audit includes an investigation of your website’s technical aspects, on page health, and off page trends. Once the audit is complete, we develop a plan to help you improve your website presence based on that investigation. 


We conduct a deep analysis of current site issues and warnings. These issues and warning include: 

  • page speed
  • URL structure
  • duplicate content

There are numerous elements and factors determining a high rank in search engine results pages. As part of our service, we provide an accessible “Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors.” Contact us to schedule a free, no obligation consultation and we will be happy to answer your questions.

The sheer volume of factors requires a focused plan. We don’t want to waste resources on a number of factors that do little to improve your website’s online presence. The primary avenue for improvement is on-page optimization. 

On-pages optimization accounts for 30% of Google’s search algorithm and includes the following:

Content makes your page worthy of a high ranking. Relevant and helpful content helps users solve their unique problem, and search engines prefer high quality content. We help you improve your homepage, top-level, and additional page content for SEO. 

Keywords/keyword phrases make your content relevant. Users search for solutions to their problems using specific words and phrases (called keywords/phrases). When your website information contains those keywords, the user (and Google) finds the content highly relevant and thus likeable, linkable, and shareable. 

Well written content populated with the most searched keywords helps your business web page rank higher. A higher webpage translates into more visitors and more opportunities for conversion. 

Keyword research is the first step in determining an SEO strategy. Consumers use relevant words to find a product, service, or answer. We provide robust keyword research and analysis as part of Samson Digital’s plan. Our team uses Google AdWords Tool and our own proprietary platform to generate results.

Website meta data refers to the data providing information about aspects of your website. This includes title tags, meta description, and URL structure. 

  • Title Tags are the second most important element (after content) to improving your SEO results. Keywords and keyword phrases populate title tags, and they (title tags) are what everyone sees in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). These tags are the clickable headline in a search result, and heavily influence site ranking. 
  • Meta descriptions are what the SERP’s return just below the title tag. Meta descriptions are not clickable. They summarize a page’s content. The information provides targeted information about services you provide and ways to contact you.
  • Uniform Resource Locator (URL) refers to your web site’s address on the internet. An efficient URL benefits your SEO strategy and ensures your web pages are easy for your customers to find. An efficient URL is: “” as opposed to the more common “” 

Search engines understand proper URL structures and it helps the algorithm determine a web page’s relevance. Additionally, optimized URLs are populated with keywords and are easier to link, thus improving your SEO engagement. 

  • Heading Tags (H1) influence a web site’s ranking factor and signals to search engines the content of your web page. More importantly, H1 tags tell site visitors what the page is about. We make sure that your H1 tags match your title tags and URL structures.
  • Normally, search engines cannot see images on a web site. Image alt text allows search engines to see images on your webpage. Implementation of image titles with keyword rich file names provides an opportunity to provide signals to search engines about the content of your website. 

Mobile device readiness is critical. It seems like the entire population of the planet has a smartphone that is used to constantly consume information and content. Mobile devices shook up the world of commerce. It is critical to have a mobile friendly internet profile. 

Schema Markup provides information for SERP snippets (precise chunks of information based on the search question). The information may include: 

  • Planned business events
  • FAQ pages
  • Articles
  • Local business functions

Your schema markup is code that we place on your website to help search engines better understand your content. This also helps return more informative, relevant, and helpful results for users. Contact local Nova Scotia SEO experts if you would like to create schema markup for your website.

Domain authority, the core of Google’s search algorithm, is measured on a scale from 1-100. Search engines use that scale to determine the strength of your website. The higher your website scores result in more domain authority and a higher place on the search results list. There are a number of factors used to measure domain authority. 

Off-page SEO factors include all of the ranking factors that occur out on the internet, away from your website. We offer help on those items including: link building strategies, social media presence, Google My Business (local SEO), SSL encryption, and user engagement.

Link building strategies help build a website’s trustworthiness, popularity and relevance. Another way to view it is that link building improves a website’s authority. Building a web page’s authority happens when other trusted and popular websites link back to your website. 

Links back to your website are votes of confidence for your business. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to backlinks. Helpful and relevant backlinks are more important than random backlinking strategies. 

Social media presence isn’t directly linked to page ranking. However, interaction on social media generates clickable content. Clickable content leads to improved traffic and increases the likelihood of valuable backlinks. 

Local SEO, or Samson Digital’s speciality, refers to the use of online review sites (like Google My Business) that promote local businesses. We provide SEO services to Cape Breton, Halifax, and the greater Nova Scotia province. Looking for SEO services in our area brought up local results and helped you find us! 

For example, if you were to search “SEO Cape Breton” or “SEO Halifax,” Google My Business would return SEO services (like Samson Digital) in those locales. It would be useless for Google to return SEO businesses in Vancouver to you. We help improve your local SEO by creating Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) citations. 

SSL encryption causes higher ranking in search results. We provide encryption services which protect data transfer from server to server. Our security makes it more difficult for hackers to compromise your website and steal data.

User engagement describes the interactions between your website and visitors. Some of the measurements include the time spent on your site, page views, downloads, blog commenting, watching videos, and more. Overall user engagement influences ranking.

Is it time for your website to be SEO optimized? Contact Samson Digital – SEO expert in Halifax, so we can begin immediately! 

Get in contact with local Cape Breton SEO company  to help with all your SEO needs!

Frequently asked questions

Does my business even need to worry about SEO?

Yes. You want your visitors to find your webpage on the first page of Google. To get on the first page, your business needs an SEO strategy. If you want to sacrifice revenue and market share, then SEO is not for you. SEO is possible without a website if your competition is nonexistent. You can create and claim a Google My Business page and claim it for free. The page may show up in a web search.

What is linkbuilding?

Linkbuilding is the practice of finding strategic places in content for placing a link back to your website.

There are numbers of place where backlinks  are useful:

  • A directory website
  • Local business directories (physical location required)
  • Association memberships for your or your staff (CIMA for accountants, etc.)
  • Your corporate partners
  • A blog post or guest article in your niche
  • Press coverage on an industry-specific news site
  • Publishing your research to your niche’s publishing sites
  • Local press coverage
  • Forums/FAQS/Q&A sites
  • Blog comments

Contact Samson. Digital – local  NovaScotia SEO experts if you need link-building services.


What is duplicate content? How does it affect my SEO?

Duplicate content means content that appears in multiple places on the internet. When Google identifies duplicate content, your page will not be indexed.

Blogging, yes or no?

A blog provides important information about your business and services. Blogging helps your SEO when you write high-value content that is informational and useful. If you need content for your next blog article, please contact Samson. Digital – Halifax and Cape Breton SEO expert.

Does traffic impact website ranking?

Yes, Google’s algorithm ranks your website content higher if more people spend time reading it.

When will I see my Google rank change?

Your niche size determines everything. In a competitive niche, you will see results in as little as three months. More competitive niches take longer. You will see results within a year.

How do I build my ranking through Local Search?

Local Search uses geographic tags: state, city, or zip code. The tag is part of a search phrase. Search engines use Local Search to deliver relevant business results.

Businesses that are located within a specific geographic region get higher rankings. An example of a local search (Local SEO) would be “seo cape breton” into the search box of a search engine.

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