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Social Media Advertising for local businesses


Social Media Advertising, What is it?

For one thing, it’s complicated and time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be! Contact Samson Digital for dependable and budget friendly social media advertising services. Social media advertising connects you to your audience. Also called social media marketing it uses all the social media platforms out there in cyberspace. Using the sites increases your website’s traffic. As you get more visitors to your website, there is an increase in your brand recognition. Digital marketing bridges the gap between brand awareness and sales. You want to make sure you publish high quality, helpful, and relevant content on a platform. After you publish your content, you need to take the time to chat with your followers. This engages them. Communication with your followers gives you valuable data. The data reveals the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. At this point in the ad process, you need to make the time to analyze your data and adjust your plan. Then you have to repeat the process for each of the major players: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. All that attention takes a lot of time, but the return on investment (ROI) for  ads is high if you know how to measure it.


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Social Media Advertising Posibilities

This used to be called GoogleAdWords. It is a service that you can use to advertise your company on Google and other websites. Everything is fully customizable. You determine the budget, your target audience, and ad runtime. Google Ads displays your ad when people search in your business category. Part of the customization process allows you to: 

  • determine your goals
  • setting the target area where your ad should be shown
  • make an ad, set the budget 

If Google approves your ad, it may appear whenever people in your set area search for businesses in your category. If your customer engages by clicking on the ad or calling your company, then you pay a fee. The fee structure comes from how you set up your budget. Google allows you to pick a variety of ad targets. Do you want:

  • more calls
  • direct action
  • foot or web traffic

Google recommends that you spend time reviewing your ad results and manually making adjustments for best results.At Samson Digital, we offer full Google Ad setup and service. All you have to do is tell how much you want to spend and what your goal is. We will design a campaign, monitor, and provide easy to read, actionable reports. This saves time and money. Contact us to get started!

Facebook is a huge platform with 2.8 billion monthly active users. More impressively, the largest site also boasts more than 1.8 billion users a day! Understatement of the year forthcoming–that is a lot of people. Not all those people will be your customers. But, that’s a huge pool of people from which to attract potential clients. 

A benefit of using Facebook is the customization. There are a lot of choices to make. First, you choose a set of goals. Then, you create ads and advertising campaigns. Finally, you analyze the extent those ads helped reach your goals. Also, you provide the videos, photo, and text for your ad. 

Running a Facebook ad campaign takes time to successfully manage. You are responsible for a lot of tasks. For instance, when you create the ad campaign you also determine objectives. Then, the next task is audience analysis. Finally, you decide the right people to connect to your ad. 

Another thing that you have to manage is the budget and ad placements. You will need to design your ads. Then, you will have to copy your ads and find places for your ads to go on Facebook. 

Facebook advertising is a great advertising opportunity. The sheer number of visitors daily and monthly make the platform’s reach enormous. By their own admission, “Facebook moves fast.” 

That means you need to stay on top of the trends on Facebook and monitor how your ads are performing. That process can be time-consuming and a bit overwhelming.  The time spent on marketing takes your attention away from your business.

With one billion monthly users, Instagram is another giant. Like its parent company, Facebook, Instagram has an enormous pool of people that it reaches. Without a doubt, your target audience is out there killing time on Instagram. As they relax, they casually scroll through their feed of photos and videos. 

 Instagram’s appeal and popularity come from letting users share and edit photos and videos. Instagram claims, “84% of people on Instagram are more likely to shop from small businesses.” As you begin to advertise on Instagram, it is important to know the value of a catchy hashtag phrase. If you misfire on that phrase, your advertising won’t work as well. Another thing you must understand about Instagram is that the audience is primarily young adults with ages ranging from 18-34. Knowing your audience’s age determines the type of Instagram content to produce. Instagram users spend almost an hour a day scrolling through their feeds. The reason for the platform’s success and such a high rate of engagement is the video and photo options. Most people have a smartphone in their pocket capable of taking high quality videos and photos for upload to Instagram. A part of a successful Instagram ad is timeliness. Your ads need to be available when your audience is most active. What’s really neat is the ads aren’t as apparent on Insta, and that makes for a better customer experience. 

 Another thing that enhances customer experience on Instagram is how ads work. With videos and photos, you have the chance to tell the narrative behind your company. Instagram offers sleek designs for ads. The designs create engaging marketing opportunities for your brand. 

 Capturing your audience’s attention and keeping it key for Instagram success. You will need to work your account consistently by replying to your followers’ comments. Also, you need to stay on top of the trends in tags, hashtags, and ways to share. This can be time-consuming, but rewarding work.

Kajiji is Canada’s largest classified ad site. Over 16 million Canadians actively use the site to buy, sell, and trade their goods and services. The major benefit of the platform is that it facilitates a direct connection between the seller (you) and a customer. 

There are over 7 million classified ads across the site. Getting noticed among the ocean of ads is tough, yet vitally important. With more than 450 million monthly searches on Kajiji, it is Canada’s busiest classifieds website. The visitors are people on a mission to buy a product or service. 

Crafting the perfect ad is paramount on Kajiji, otherwise your message and brand will get swept away in the wave of other retailers jostling for business. A strategic plan, good understanding of analytics, and dedicated time are essential for a successful ad campaign.

LinkedIn has 740 millions members worldwide, and 17 million in Canada. That’s 17 million people that will use LinkedIn to find solutions for their problems.

LinkedIn is the most accessed news feed by professionals. Those professionals have more money and higher purchasing power. Their audience includes decision makers and executives. That’s what makes LinkedIn in the #1 business to business (B2B) lead generator. 

The biggest benefit of LinkedIn has to be its audience. Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn’s users are older, educated, and are wealthier than users on all other sites. An average LinkedIn user is a 30 something college educated business professional with a salary more than $75,000. This is not the platform for teens, or lower wage earners. 

If you are looking to target an audience of professional business people, LinkedIn is perfect for you!

Twitter has 192 million active daily users. It’s where people go to directly connect with each other. That’s what makes the platform so popular. Users can follow and interact with famous people: celebrities, athletes, and world leaders. 

With Twitter, you can engage directly and immediately with your followers. That ease of connection makes Twitter a great business to customer (B2C) platform.

Twitter users are young, financially comfortable, and educated. The Millennial generation makes up the bulk of the user base. The biggest single group men aged 25-34. Twitter is the best of the companies to reach a targeted audience with three types of promoted ads. 

Promoted Accounts: Twitter suggests your account to people who aren’t current followers. This service is ideal for new Twitter accounts.

Promoted Trends: Users see conversations and content that are timely and relevant. This type of ad is ideal for something that has a specific brand or hashtag. 

Promoted Tweets: Advertisers sometimes purchase Promoted Tweets which are just regular Tweets. The only difference is that the message has a subtle “promoted” label. These are meant to cast a wider net and get more people to engage with your existing content and followers. 


Let us help! 

Whether it’s Google, Facebook, Instagram, Kijiji, LinkedIn, or Twitter, advertising reaches your target audience. Each of the platforms reaches the right customers based on their interests. So many accounts, and so little time to devote to them. 

You should spend your time following your passion. Let us take your social media advertising problem off your hands. Our digital marketing specialists will gladly handle your advertising needs. 

Step 1: Start

Ready to get started with social media advertising? The experts at Samson Digital are ready to help. Please contact us today to see how we can craft a winning marketing campaign for your business.

Step 2: Set up Social Media Accounts

After the evaluation, we will make a fair purchase proposal for your surplus inventory. We guarantee the most competitive prices!

Step 3: Report

When it comes time to report we will give you the three critical components that you need to evaluate your ad’s success:

  1. number of new customers your marketing generated
  2. cost of your marketing
  3. value of those new customers 

Using those 3 metrics, we will be able to calculate the cost per customer and your ROI for your ad budget.

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