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Social media Management 

 Social Media Management in nova Scotia

Samson Digital delivers top quality social media management in Nova Scotia, Halifax, and Cape Breton. Social media management is the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, listening, and engaging with content posted on various platforms. We automate the process which saves time, improves productivity, and taps into the potential of your audienceOur digital marketing and management specialists will introduce your website to a specific audience. We ensure that your products, services, and brand finds the appropriate target audience, an audience that becomes customers and clients. It is important to get your business in front of the right people because they need you to solve their problem. When your information is helpful and relevant to your customers’ problem, they are inclined to share it within their circle. We make it easier for your customer to share your material. 

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Main goal

Our main purpose is to meet your goals. To achieve those goals, we navigate the world of social media. Samson Digital social media management company in Nova Scotia specializes in understanding the nuances of account maintenance and management to reach your goals

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Find your target audience

We want to get your information out to your target audience. That’s why we set up your social media accounts. Then, we partner with you to manage and maintain your accounts. Your info flows from you to your customers.


Tools for Social Media

To make it easier for your customers to share your material, our team adds social media plugins to your material.Those plugins enable your clients and page visitors to share your business products, services, and brand with anyone worldwide. The process is fully customizable. You choose which plugins go on any of your messaging.

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You may not have a social media presence, yet. You can contact us to set up your channels efficiently. Then, we can connect each of the channels to your website and start promoting your business immediately. All the social media accounts we create for you will have critical information. For example, we can create accounts with your: 

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If you have other information you want included in your channel, let us know and we can customize it to your preferences.Your articles and blog posts get shared by each of your platforms. These writings help build your audience. That targeted audience will find your words helpful and relevant and convert into customers who pay for your products and/or services. Looking for regularly scheduled articles and blog posts? Contact usto learn more about social media’s power in revealing your business to a whole new world of customers!

Get in contact with local Cape Breton social media manager for your reliable online marketing strategy needs!

Frequently asked questions

What is social media management?

Social media marketing and social media management work hand in hand, management is the process of analyzing audiences. Then, you develop a strategy tailored for a set of specific audiences. Next, you create and distribute high quality content to those audience members. To determine the appropriate and specific audience, it is important to be familiar with online conversations, collaborate with influencers in your market, and make yourself visible in the community. At this point, an ongoing analysis of your performance is key to determine the return on your investment.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a two-part phrase. Social media refers to all the social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. Marketing means all the content you write to promote your business and products. Social media marketing occurs when you market through social media to promote your business.

What is the purpose of social media marketing?

Finding your target audience and customers is the most important purpose of social media marketing. With helpful and relevant content delivered to each platform, you will be able to improve your brand awareness. Brand awareness leads to more sales.

Who sees social media marketing?

Billions of people. The sheer number of users makes it a valuable strategy. For example: 


  •  Users: 1.79 billion daily active
  • Audience: Gen-X and Millenials
    • Gen-X (41-56 years old)
    • Millennials (~26-40 years old)
  • Advantages: brand awareness, advertising


  •  Users: 186 million daily active
  • Audience: Millenials
    • Millennials (~26-40 years old)
  • Advantages: business to customer (B2C) and business to business (B2B)


  • Users: 1 billion monthly active
  • Audience: Millenials
    • Millennials (~26-40 years old)
  • Advantages: B2C, authentic media, behind-the-scenes, user-generated content, advertising


  • Users: 675 million monthly active
  • Audience: Baby Boomer, Gen-X , Millenials
    • Baby Boomer (57-75)
    • Gen-X (41-56 years old)
    • Millennials (~26-40 years old)
  • Advantages: B2B relationships, business development, employment marketing 

Social media marketing is beneficial to your business growth. Your specific strategy and audience will vary. 

What is Google Local Optimization?

This is how we make sure Google prioritizes your business. Google analyzes your content for relevancy. You want to be in the top 3, that way your map, contact info, and reviews are just a click away.

Why does Google’s top 3 matter?

Think about what you do when you search for something on Google. Generally, when you are looking for a local service or store, you pay more attention to the top 3. You click those places more often too. Now think about when you are doing a quick search on your phone. Most of the time, all you see is paid ads then the top 3. Anything past that is usually buried on the next page, never to be seen. That’s why it is imperative to be in the top 3! You make yourself known when you are at the top. The map, travel distance, and reviews provide your visitors with tons of information about your business. That information leads to interest and visits to your website. An optimized Google Local listing is vital if you want people to come to your physical address. It’s also important to business offices where you don’t need customers to come to you. A pinned location on Google gives your company credibility and builds trust.

Does social media marketing work?

Yes. Previously, businesses did not fully use social media. Because social media advertising is so cost effective, companies are embracing the strategy as the centerpiece of their overall marketing strategy. There are more people online conducting business than ever before. It reaches all those people that are online. When you have organized, efficient social media channels you are able to deliver useful and shareable messages to your customers.

How does social media marketing grow my business?

We wield the power and reach of social media to promote your company. It’s important to know how, first you need to know that a rate of engagement is a way to track your audience’s time spent on your content. This also indicates how effective your marketing campaign is going. A visitor who spends time on your material is probably going to “like” it. This also increases the likelihood of a share on social media. Your visitor is now an engaged customer. That’s why social media marketing is so effective. It has engagement rates (visitor–customer) eight times higher than online ads and search engine ads. The big benefits in engagement make social media marketing the biggest bag for your buck.

How can Samson Digital take care of my social media marketing and management needs?

We are experienced in digital marketing. You can use our experienced and professional social media managers to grow your business. Contact us to find our more about how we will: 

  • advertise to a targeted audience
  • build excitement around your brand with engaging content
  • create custom ad campaigns
  • deliver Performance reports
  • facilitate new customer and client relationships
  • provide ongoing monitoring 

Allow us to take social media management off your plate so you can focus on what you love, your business! Our affordable plan creates positive online experiences for your company. On a typical day, we engage with your clients on Facebook and Twitter.. We also remove spam and distracting comments. A major benefit of using a local Cape Breton digital marketing agency is that you get great customer service. We are personally involved in understanding your business. That’s why we offer custom solutions. Our social media team learns about your business. We dedicate time to develop a relationship that informs your plan. Our dedication and availability to your goals are what separates us from the competition. Contact us to discuss our affordable pricing options. 

Why do you use Google My Business?

Google shows precise information about your business to your customers. In other words, Google puts your business on the map. On the first page of Google, where almost all sales are generated, your local business ideally would pop up. By optimizing your business for Google My Business, Google returns your website, review, and map location at the top of the first page. If you have several locations, Google will return those as well. Local optimization ensures that you will always be found!

How does Samson Digital get me into Google’s top 3?

Google has two functions: make money and organize the internet. The second informs the first. This results in Google always trying to deliver the most useful and relevant results to any one query. When Google returns useful and relevant searches, people continue to use it as their default search engine. Right now Google has something like 90% of the search engine market. Making it into their top 3 is key! We optimize your content to meet Google Maps’ ranking factors. Those factors include, but are not limited to: 

  • backlinks to your listing (this builds authority)
  • closeness of the business to the searcher
  • contact information accuracy and consistency (Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP))
  • google Local Optimization 
  • reviews received
  • updates to business  (photos, videography, etc.)
  • virtual tour: Google 360 Business
What is NAP and why does it matter?

Name, Address, and Phone Number. You want to go out to a nice family breakfast after a hard week of work. The kids are tough to wrangle, but you eventually get them all belted and buckled in, ready for the road. You have the family all ready to go. Time to look up a place to eat. You find a place, drive there, and discover that the info was wrong. 

Samson Digital is located on Isle Madame, Cape Breton. And we manage social media accounts for businesses in Sydney, Port Hawkesbury, Baddeck and surrounding areas.

Also we help local Nova Scotia Businesses in Halifax, LunenburgYarmouth, Truro and surrounding areas with social media management. Contact us if you need to design and redesign your website.


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