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Web design

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What we offer?

Web design refers to the aesthetics of online pages that populate the internet for network users. 

The history of web design: Homepage layouts evolved in response to user behaviors; from the early 2000s to the mid 2010s, internet planners focused on responsive web schemes for computer browsers. As the prevalence and popularity of mobile devices exploded, online web-based content architects needed to account for mobile device browsers.

Samson Digital web design company in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia has created flexible, beautiful, and easy-to-use internet sites to help our partners grow their businesses. And, we are on the bleeding edge of the digital revolution, collaborating with our clients to construct websites that capture and keep your customer’s attention. 

We want to help you make your business easier to manage. As a result, Samson Digital offers exclusive packages for local business web pages in Halifax and other areas of Nova Scotia. We are ready to bolster your online presence and help you grow. After we construct your site, our support team will help you learn the tools necessary for making changes to meet rapidly developing market demands.

Does your local small business need a website?

24/7 Salesman

To be competitive in modern society, every company needs a website. Your site acts as your online presence 24 hour a day, 7 day a week. 



At Samson Digital we want to help all businesses develop their online presence by developing a sleek web arrangement at an affordable price. We know you refuse to sacrifice quality, and we won’t either.


No time off

A site doesn’t need nights and weekends off, nor does it ask for holidays off. Your homepage is your constant presence and interaction with customers. Additionally, your internet site is the first impression that your company makes on customers.


Easy plan upgrade

We schedule time with you to brainstorm and ask detailed questions to understand your organization’s needs and goals. 



For most of your customers, your webpage is the first thing they see, and a superior design increases traffic and repeated visits. An increase in traffic and repeat visits means more conversion, which means more revenue for you.


Value added service

We offer target audience analysis and extensive competitor research to help us build a remarkable web page that is sure to exceed your expectations.


If you are in  Halifax, Cape Breton or elsewhere in Nova Scotia,

Call us today to take advantage of our special packages!

User experience

At Samson Digital, our web design team focuses our attention on the user experience (UX). A key component of positive UX is website layout. Samson Digital’s team are experts in site layouts and their latest trends, and offer fully customisable options. We will help you stand out in the world of tired imitation templates!

Ugly webpages kill sales. Most Internet users will not shop with, nor recommend a business with an ugly page. One thing that makes an internet site visually unappealing is a lack of mobile responsiveness. More than half of all e-commerce sales happen on a mobile device. In addition, most online shoppers navigate the web using a mobile device. It is imperative that your web based business accounts for the increasing number of users accessing the internet via mobile devices. As standard operating practice, we ensure that your homepage (and all content pages) automatically adjust and retain full function no matter the device it’s being viewed on.

Beautifull and responsive design 

At Samson Digital, we create elegant websites that arrest the attention of your target’s audience. To make your vision come alive, our site team will discuss your brand with you, offer ideas, and get your feedback. Using those conversations, we will make your brand stand out in a sea of competitors, and ensure that your vision and mission’s imprint is visible online.

Our web design agency creates beautiful and flexible online content that is targeted to your ideal audience. Our web page team offers a wide range of support to projects of all sizes, and we will deliver the results you need to successfully grow your business.


SeO friendly websites by SD

SEO optimized

SeO friendly websites by SD

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of expanding the number of visitors to your page by securing a position (for your website) at the top of the list of results returned by search engines. 

Customers must be able to find your online address. With SEO in mind, our local Cape Breton web design team creates web pages that provide targeted marketing to your customers.

First, we make sure that accurate and effective keywords are used in the content of your page and URLs. Second, we properly compress images and videos to increase loading speed. Third, we create intuitive navigation menus for easy access. SEO optimization affects your internet site’s ranking, and our processes help search engines to index all your web pages for a high listing position. 

Responsive to your needs

Our Cape Breton web designers realize your website represents you and your brand, and it’s not a jumble of code ricocheting around cyberspace. Your site is your first impression to customers, and that is why we partner with you in the planning, creation, and evolution of your online presence. Your competitors have websites, and they may be functional. But from Samson Digital, you will get a functional web page that shows, not tells the story of your business and promises to provide your users a deep involvement with your projects. They will return again and again to your sleek pages.


Different, in a good way

Our local Nova Scotia web design agency guarantees a site that is consistent with your unique brand. Then, we use on page search engine optimization (SEO) to grow your project. Our commitment to providing excellent service to our partners drives us. With Samson Digital, we spend time developing relationships, so we accurately understand what you want and develop an effective marketing strategy for your business. Samson Digital is your partner, and your success is our success. We value our relationship with you and are proud of providing partners with an excellent, productive experience.

Custom web design

Modern web design
Local Nova Scotia Samson Digital’s experts know that businesses, industries, and projects vary. To get to know your specific needs, we value the time we spend getting your input and feedback for your online needs. Our team is optimized to efficiently create your unique web-based business’s landing page.


Our Process


Step 1

First, you will fill out our site intake form. We will use the information from the intake form to get to know your business, and build a model of your future internet site.

Step 2

Second, we complete the initial mapping of your site. At this point, we seek your feedback, implement revisions, and provide updates to your site.


Step 3

Third, before the page goes live, we ask for more feedback to ensure that your web-based business page highlights and supports your vision and goals.

Step 4

Fourth, we launch your homepage and content pages! From step one to launch takes about two weeks depends on the complexity of your project.


Frequently asked questions

I have Facebook, so why do I need a website?

Facebook limits the amount of content you are able to post. So do other social media sites. Posting to your timeline, or someone’s FB feed is not the same as developing pages of online professional content. Nor does it provide important information about your company. Using our local Cape Breton team of experts gives you the flexibility to create content that provides an interactive experience for your customers. Your visitors will learn the story of your company’ history, service, and successful projects. More time spent and more time engaged with your content means more clients.

I need you to redesign my existing website, can you do that?

Samson Digital web designers specialize in transferring your existing content and media into a premium Divi WordPress website. Contact us today to get started!

How much does it cost?

Because we devote our attention to each unique project, we must get to know you first and evaluate the type and kind of service you require. Contact Samson Digital – local Cape Breton web design company and we will chat about your wants and needs and how we can meet them.

How long does it take to design a website?

Depending on the size of your project and specific needs, the standard web site takes one to two business weeks to be completed.

What is your web design process?
  1. Intake form: You fill out our intake form so we can learn about your business and expectations.
  2. Design: We create the layout for your approval.
  3. Feedback and revision: You provide feedback, suggest revisions and updates.
  4. Final approval: Just before launch, we discuss the site with you and go over the final improvements.
  5. Launch: We launch your web page and help you grow your business.
What software do you use for creating websites?

Samson Digital uses the WordPress platform and premium Divi themes. 

What industries, or types of clients do you serve?

We provide outstanding website design to a wide range of clients in Cape Breton, Halifax, and the whole Nova Scotia and abroad: restaurants, law firms, small businesses, electricians, and plumbers.

We specialize in servicing contracting companies.

Do web designers provide content for my website?

Content writing is not part of the web design contract, but Samson Digital offers content writing services.

I already have a website, how do I know if it is outdated?

First, you should update your web page infrastructure monthly. Your page is outdated if it has any of the following characteristics:

  1. Difficult to use: This is a death sentence for your business. If visitors cannot find what they need in seconds, they will leave your page for a competitor.
  2. Slow page loading: You like fast loading internet sites, so do your users. We all demand fast loading sites.
  3. Not mobile-friendly: If your web-based layout is ugly on mobile devices, you risk alienating more than half of all internet users.
  4. Cluttered and counterintuitive design: A clunky homepage and messy content leads to poor results.
How do I drive traffic to my website?

We drive traffic to your online marketplace by making it SEO-friendly. In other words, search engines can read and remember your page and its content for efficient recall. One thing that you can do to increase your site’s SEO friendliness is to recommend a high-quality article per week. Chat with us about creating excellent online content for your site.

Nova Scotia’s WordPress Experts

Why do we use WordPress?

Originally, WordPress was a free, open source blogging tool with an easy to use interface. The ease of use made WordPress popular with its users. Now, WordPress dominates its market space; 27% of internet web sites are powered by WordPress, and an incredible 59% of the site platform market uses the blogging tool. 

WordPress enables Samson Digital to create powerful, polished sites. In addition, the platform constantly improves its service with updates intended to enhance your experience. The content-management is intuitive and makes revisions and updates easy.Every day, WordPress publishes more than 50,000 new websites. Their clients range from small local businesses to multinational companies, like CNN, and flexible scalability ensures that your business grows online.

As Nova Scotia’s WordPress experts, we recommend using WordPress because it is 100% Customizable, scalable, responsive, user-friendly, multi-user functionality, SEO friendly, has full W3C compliance, provides data safety, and security.  

From layout to individual color schemes, all aspects of your webpage are fully customizable. Moreover, as WordPress pros, we know how to work with the platform to develop and enhance online marketing campaigns for your business. When your business grows, our team has a plan to quickly create and implement changes. 

The World Wide Web consortium (W3C) is an international community that develops guidelines to ensure internet growth, including standards for HTML code. WordPress follows the W3C guidelines for HTML code and is fully compliant with the guidelines.

Your WordPress web site has the space to house thousands of pages without sacrificing performance. As your business grows, you can build up your internet presence.

Google considers your internet page’s HTML code when indexing, and the algorithm prefers efficient code. As a result, WordPress streamlines its HTML code which helps your web-based business index higher on search return lists (which means more traffic, and more revenue). To build your ranking, you can start posting your blog content immediately.

Using WordPress’s security features, Samson Digital will harden your online security, and provide additional security against unauthorized users.

Using responsive themes, your homepage identifies your site visitors’  device and automatically adjusts your layout to deliver an exceptional experience.

As part of our process, we make sure that you have access to your site’s WordPress account. With this account, you will be able to make changes to your website as your business grows. Samson Digital’s team of experts will work with you and teach you how to independently maintain your website.

WordPress has an intuitive user interface with uncomplicated navigation features. Adding new content: pages, blog posts, and all types of media is done with ease.

 Sometimes, hosting services (other than WordPress) fail and you are left with web page data loss–all of your hard work and investment gone in an instant.

WordPress prevents other people from accessing your data, and it (your data) is automatically saved to the cloud for easy recovery.

Samson Digital is located on Isle Madame, Cape Breton. And we serve Sydney, Port Hawkesbury, Baddeck and surrounding areas.

Also we create professional websites for local Nova Scotia businesses in Halifax, LunenburgYarmouth, Truro and surrounding areas. Contact us if you need to design or redesign  your website.


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check_circle_outlineWe believe in developing long-lasting business relationships founded upon honesty.

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