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What We offer?

How your website looks is everything online. The rise of social media taught users to expect visual, dynamic, and interesting pages at every click. Your website is no different.
Previously, you could get away with static pages, but that was before mobile devices grew in popularity. Now people want to see content that’s interesting and displayed in a way that’s easily readable.

Samson.Digital web design company in Moncton is here to help. How? We create flexible, beautiful, and easy-to-use online websites to help you grow your business.
We stay on trend, keeping up with industry news to ensure that we’re as innovative, driven, and targeted as possible.
An online business has to do 3 main things to stay relevant online:

• Capture Attention
• Keep Attention
• Turn Attention into Extreme Interest

Capturing attention, keeping attention, and turning attention into extreme interest aren’t tasks you should have to do on your own. We want to help you make your business easier to manage.
When people give you attention and keep giving you attention online, that attention turns into extreme interest, which in turn leads to more sales and better referrals.
Want more word of mouth advertisements? Keep your audience’s attention and give them a reason to sing your praises!

We are ready to bolster your online presence, help you grow, and stay by your side for the long term.


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Revamp your digital presence with an ultramodern website that will work overtime as your top salesman

What We offer?

Web design refers to the aesthetics of online pages that populate the internet for network users. 

The history of web design: Homepage layouts evolved in response to user behaviors; from the early 2000s to the mid 2010s, internet planners focused on responsive web schemes for computer browsers. As the prevalence and popularity of mobile devices exploded, online web-based content architects needed to account for mobile device browsers.

Samson Digital has created flexible, beautiful, and easy-to-use internet sites to help our partners grow their businesses. And, we are on the bleeding edge of the digital revolution, collaborating with our clients to construct websites that capture and keep your customer’s attention. 

We want to help you make your business easier to manage. As a result, Samson Digital offers exclusive packages for local business web pages in Nova Scotia. We are ready to bolster your online presence and help you grow. After we construct your site, our support team will help you learn the tools necessary for making changes to meet rapidly developing market demands.

Does your local small
need a website?

24/7 Salesman

To be competitive in modern society, every company needs a website. Your site acts as your online spokesperson 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


At Samson.Digital, we want to help all businesses develop their online presence by developing a sleek web arrangement at an affordable price. We know you refuse to sacrifice quality, and we won’t either.

No time off

There’s no PTO required for a website, or any requests to have weekends off. Your site is always there to broadcast your message to the public at large.

Easy plan upgrade

Your web support should grow with your business. That’s why we make sure to schedule time with you to brainstorm, ask detailed questions, and ensure that we understand not just where you are…but where you want to go


For most of your customers, your website is the first thing that they see, and a superior design increases traffic and improves the chances of repeat visits. More traffic and more conversions equal more revenue for you!

Value added service

We offer target audience analysis and extensive competitor research to help us build a remarkable web page that is sure to exceed your expectations.

Call us today to take advantage of our special packages!

User experience 

At Samson.Digital, our web design team focuses our attention on the user experience (UX). A key component of positive UX is website layout.We’ve all experienced a website (or two) that have been disorganized and difficult to navigate. We will help you stand out in the world of tired imitation templates.Simply put, ugly webpages kill sales. It’s true; most shoppers online will only hit the buy button if they can navigate your site quickly and find exactly what they’re looking for.Have you ever had a designer take care of your website, only to find that mobile users can’t visit your business online? That’s a very common mistake that comes up, and we fix it by putting mobile responsiveness first.After all, more than half of all e-commerce sales happen on a mobile device. In addition, most online shoppers navigate the web using a mobile device. It is imperative that your web-based business accounts for the increasing number of users accessing the internet via mobile devices. As standard operating practice, we ensure that your homepage (and all content pages) automatically adjust and retain full function no matter the viewing device.

Beautifull and responsive design 

Websites that catch and keep the attention of today’s busy online consumers aren’t easy to build and maintain. That’s where we step in to help. To make your vision come alive, our team will discuss your brand, give quality ideas, and get your feedback. We use these important conversations to make your brand stand out in a sea of competitors and ensure that your vision is truly visible online.

Our Moncton web design agency creates beautiful and flexible online content that is targeted to your ideal audience. The mission is to offer a wide range of support to projects of all sizes, and we will deliver the results you need to successfully grow your business.


SeO friendly websites by SD

SEO optimized

If there’s one powerful way to expand your business online, it is through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. SEO is the process of putting your website at the top of the search page results for specific keywords.
Customers must be able to find you online, and they’ll use Google and other search engines to accomplish this. Our local Cape Breton web design team creates all web pages with SEO in mind, providing targeted marketing to your customers.
How do we accomplish that? Check it out:
First, we make sure that accurate and effective keywords are used in the content of your page and URLs. Second, we properly compress images and videos to increase loading speed. Third, we create intuitive navigation menus for easy access. SEO optimization affects your internet site’s ranking, and our processes help search engines to index all your web pages for a high listing position.

Responsive to your needs

Moncton has unique local business needs, and our local web design team knows how important it is to be visible in this special part of the Maritimes. Your site is your first impression to customers, and that is why we partner with you in the planning, creation, and evolution of your online presence. Your competitors have websites, and they may be functional. But from Samson.Digital, you will get a stunning web page that shows the story of your business.


Different, in a good way

Our local Nova Scotia web design agency guarantees a site that is consistent with your brand. We then shift from branding to strong on-page SEO to grow your project. Our commitment to providing excellent service to our partners is what drives everything we do.

At Samson.Digital, building strong relationships is essential to our mission. We want to understand your goals and provide effective marketing strategy. We see ourselves as your business partner, and your success is our success. We value our relationship with you and are extremely proud of providing everyone we work with an exquisite, targeted, and productive experience.


Custom web design

As local Moncon experts in web development and beyond, Samson.Digital knows that businesses, industries, and projects vary. Therefore, we need to know your specific needs. We cherish the opportunity to get your input and feedback at every level. Our team is designed from the ground up to create your unique business website.


Our Process


Step 1

First, you will fill out our site intake form. We will use the information from the intake form to get to know your business, and build a model of your future internet site.

Step 2

Second, we complete the initial mapping of your site. At this point, we seek your feedback, implement revisions, and provide updates to your site.


Step 3

Third, before the page goes live, we ask for more feedback to ensure that your web-based business page highlights and supports your vision and goals.

Step 4

Fourth, we launch your homepage and content pages! From step one to launch takes about two weeks depends on the complexity of your project.


Frequently asked questions

I have Facebook, so why do I need a website?
Facebook limits the amount of content you are able to post. So do other social media sites. Posting to your timeline, or someone’s FB feed is not the same as developing pages of online professional content. Nor does it provide important information about your company. Using our team of experts gives you the flexibility to create content that provides an interactive experience for your customers. Your visitors will learn the story of your company’ history, service, and successful projects. More time spent and more time engaged with your content means more clients.
I need you to redesign my existing website, can you do that?
Samson Digital specializes in transferring your existing content and media into a premium Divi WordPress website. Contact us today to get started!
How much does it cost?
Because we devote our attention to each unique project, we must get to know you first and evaluate the type and kind of service you require. Contact us and we will chat about your wants and needs and how we can meet them.
How long does it take to design a website?
Depending on the size of your project and specific needs, the standard web site takes one to two business weeks to be completed.
What is your web design process?
  1. Intake form: You fill out our intake form so we can learn about your business and expectations.
  2. Design: We create the layout for your approval. 
  3. Feedback and revision: You provide feedback, suggest revisions and updates. 
  4. Final approval: Just before launch, we discuss the site with you and go over the final improvements.
  5. Launch: We launch your web page and help you grow your business.
What software do you use for creating websites?
Samson Digital uses the WordPress platform and premium Divi themes.
What industries, or types of clients do you serve?
We provide outstanding website design to a wide range of clients in Nova Scotia and abroad: restaurants, law firms, small businesses, electricians, and plumbers.

We specialize in servicing contracting companies.

Do web designers provide content for my website?

Do web designers provide content for my website?
Content writing is not part of the web design contract, but Samson Digital offers content writing services.
I already have a website, how do I know if it is outdated?

First, you should update your web page infrastructure monthly. Your page is outdated if it has any of the following characteristics: 

  1. Difficult to use: This is a death sentence for your business. If visitors cannot find what they need in seconds, they will leave your page for a competitor. 
  2. Slow page loading: You like fast loading internet sites, so do your users. We all demand fast loading sites. 
  3. Not mobile friendly: If your web-based layout is ugly on mobile devices, you risk alienating more than half of all internet users.
  4. Cluttered and counterintuitive design: A clunky homepage and messy content leads to poor results. 
How do I drive traffic to my website?
We drive traffic to your online marketplace by making it SEO friendly. In other words, search engines can read and remember your page and its content for efficient recall. One thing that you can do to increase your site’s SEO friendliness is to recommend a high quality article per week. Chat with us about creating excellent online content for your site.

What Our Clients Say

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Beautiful, custom-built websites using only the most recent technology

State-of-the-art search engine optimization that will attract potential clients to your website on the daily Makeovers
State-of-the-art search engine optimization that will attract potential clients to your website on the daily Makeovers
Friendly, local service is always a text/call away

We believe in developing long-lasting business relationships founded upon honesty.

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