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Why You Need To Invest In Digital Marketing In 2021

by Dec 29, 2020Recent Web Design News

Over the past few decades,

the use of the internet has increased at a record-setting pace. We are currently experiencing a major technological shift. From layman to multinational companies, everyone is making use of the digital space and with the advent of COVID-19 the use of these technologies will only continue to increase.

It has now become common for people to spend over six hours a day online. Would it not make sense for businesses to put their marketing efforts where their target audiences actually spend their time? This is why so many businesses have switched their marketing online in the last few years. Investing in digital marketing can redefine the future of your business and here’s why. 

1.The Data Says So

Data is information, and information is power. There are tons of statistics proving the benefits of digital marketing. The world has reached a point where everything is done online, nobody has time for old-school marketing techniques:

  • Over 57% of businesses have successfully achieved their marketing goals with digital marketing
  • More than 70% of brands measure success through web traffic
  • More than 50% of shoppers have completed a purchase on their smartphone
  • Mobile e-commerce sales will account for more than half of the entire e-commerce sales
  • 1.66 billion individuals shop online every year

These statistics emphasize the importance of a great digital marketing strategy.

igital marketing in Cape Breton

2.Wider Online Presence

Digital marketing is all about having a presence online. It allows people to access your business from the comfort of their homes. By investing in digital marketing, you can have an audience that extends far beyond your city or even country. 

Whether you want to expand in the future or simply continue your business, you need to make digital marketing a priority. Starting with digital marketing as soon as possible will give your business the edge in this new age of marketing. 

3.Quantifiable Results

Would you like to know exactly how your business is doing in every area? Digital marketing makes it very easy to track your results and make changes to your marketing strategies. 

These results give you a much deeper insight into your customers interests, allowing you to come up with new marketing strategies that are even more successful. 

Marketing online allows you to track your traffic, sales, website clicks, how long the audience stays, their demographics, and more. This is valuable data that will propel success.

4.Easier Interactions

Digital marketing allows customers to interact with your business directly and have their opinions heard. When you have a digital presence, you can respond to them and provide support whenever needed.

All successful businesses have built long-lasting relationships with their customers. Eventually, these happy relationships transfer into a positive reputation for the business. The most important part of business is having happy customers and having a digital presence will make this much easier. 

Over 67% of buyers don’t come back after experiencing bad service. It is essential you use your digital presence to your advantage when working with your customers.

Building succesfull relationship through digital marketing

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is by far the best thing you can invest in today that guarantees large returns tomorrow. If you want guaranteed success in your digital marketing efforts, contact our experts to learn how to grow your business to a level beyond anything you thought possible.

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